About Us

Company Profile

BNY Jeans is a local clothing brand that aims to change the casual streetwear scene in the Philippines. Catered to fashion-forward youth, BNY Jeans provides Filipinos with the latest fashion trends to help them showcase their own personal style with confidence. These are the teens and young professionals of today that are in tune with the latest trends in fashion, music, and pop culture locally and internationally.

The brand positions itself at the forefront of local fashion and has a growing family of celebrity endorsers whose fashion sensibilities are aligned with the BNY brand. Representing the brand’s core values of encompassing trendy and wearable fashion are Joshua Garcia, Markus Paterson, Heaven Peralejo, Barbie Forteza, Gab Lagman, Ryle Santiago, Jimuel Pacquiao, and many more. These endorsers were handpicked to embody the brand in their respective fields in film, television, and music. As a whole, these ambassadors are defined as the influencers and trendsetters, very much like the BNY persona.


Trendy yet comfortable, high quality yet affordable—these are just a few things that BNY Jeans strives to accomplish through each stitch, button, and zipper made in the name of the brand. First released on the market as Bunny Jeans, the brand has always set the standard for bold and trendy clothing wear. Reborn as BNY Jeans in 2001, the brand has come full circle and has grown stronger than ever before with stores across the Philippines.


From its conception in 1992, BNY Jeans has been known for its innovative and youthful style and designs. Generation after generation, the creators push boundaries, continue rigorous experimentation, and create careful product development, leading the brand to where it is today.

BNY Jeans has extended the following product lines: BNY Tweeny and BNY Unlimited widening its market even further. Its extensive impact has made a significant mark on local casual fashion, making BNY Jeans one of the trendsetters in the local industry. Using unique textiles and fusing modern and classic themes, BNY Jeans continues its reign in developing fun and unique clothing. These are the elements that have established BNY as one of the top local brands in casual streetwear fashion. And it has also made way for the brand to commit to digital both from a social media standpoint and the launch of BNY’s online shop. BNY realizes that fashion thrives online and consumers want to buy online.