Mar 31, 2023
Althea and Seth, Our New Brand Ambassadors!

"Joining the BNY Family roster are Althea and Seth! Two of the most promising stars of today's generation, both flaunting amazing fashion sense and youthful energy, an embodiment of what we are about here at BNY. Seth, in his element, is as honest as they come, always looking like James Dean, made us feel weak, and Althea, well, let's just put it this way: SHE SLAYS! Giving that feisty look while also alluring us with her chic aesthetic. We are pumped to have these guys on board!


 Here are some BTS photos from each of their presscons!




We can’t help but get charmed by these two!






We cannot wait for you guys to see them rocking BNY! So stay tuned for our new drops and incoming announcements. Let's get this BNY party started!"