Oct 27, 2021

Can you believe it’s already September?! The holidays are here to conquer the whole nation once again! Not many foreigners know what the ‘ber’ months mean in the Philippines, but once they visit the country, they’ll know. The sudden shift of mood is just too palpable to stay unnoticed. So what really makes the difference between August 31 and September 1? The beginning of the Christmas season. If you haven’t heard it yet, we celebrate the longest Christmas in the world. So, here are the reasons why ‘ber’ months are just the best in the Philippines.

First, the weather. Summer might dominate the weather in the Philippines with the constant 30 degrees Celsius heat index, but when ‘ber’ months come, it begins to lower with a slightly cooler breeze. It’s because the amihan season is nearing, beginning around October. We can then make-pretend that Santa is coming from the North Pole.

Photo from TripZilla Philippines


Next, the Christmas lights lit areas. You’ll see some places twinkling at night. It can be the malls, the parks, the trees in the center islands, and even private establishments like mansions. You see, we also set up the Christmas trees early with parols. That’s why it’s well-lit at night too!

​So far, you might notice that it’s more about the ambiance than the other elements like food and family gatherings (because we’re saving those for the Christmas week.) And what more is needed to set the mood right? Christmas songs. *Jose Mari Chan and Mariah Carey are waving* Other than having the longest Christmas celebration, we think Mr. Jose Mari Chan and Ms. Mariah Carrey’s cue to sing again may also be the longest countdown in a year. Memes are born from January to August, counting down the months and days with the singers peeking out in the picture, and they don’t seem to get old, really. It’s always funny when you come across them in your feed.

Jose Mari Chan and Mariah Carey for Ber Months



That could be all for now, but we’ve also listed a bonus one: SALE. Everything’s on sale, if not most. It’s almost as if everything is to be given away. There are the classic price discounts, the ever tempting buy one take ones, the free shipping vouchers, promo codes… All the marketing strategies that make you think you’re saving even though you’re spending. For example, BNY clothes are up to 60% off on selected items. If you join the BNY Viber community, you can even get exclusive promo codes, giveaways, and deals. And who doesn’t want bargains?! Besides the physical stores nationwide, BNY is now available in 5 online selling platforms: bnyjns.comShopeeLazada, Zalora, and Lyka Mall where you can use your Lyka gems to purchase! Stay up to date with BNY on Facebook @bnyjeans, Instagram @bnyjeansph, and Twitter @bnyjeansph.

It’s really more fun in the Philippines if you think about it. More than what we listed above, there are the unfading smiles on each face, the humor, the heart to give, the hopes of a brighter future ahead. It’s just a bit sad now that we’re still not allowed to go out and we only get a taste of what it used to be like online. In time, we’ll be able to experience the Christmas spirit in the air outside again and it will be just as fun as before, if not more.